Paweł Charasz

Hello! I'm Paweł Charasz (pronounced as: ˈpa.vɛw xa.raʂ).

I am a PhD candidate (ABD) at the Department of Political Science at Duke University, specializing in political economy and political methodology. In the academic year 2021-2022, I will be a Fellow with the Program for Advanced Research in the Social Sciences (PARISS) at the Social Science Research Institute (SSRI) of Duke University.

My research interests are in comparative politics, political economy, and economic history. In particular, my research centers on the effects of institutions on long-term political and economic development. My dissertation explores the role of one such particular institutionthe city charter.

My work takes an interdisciplinary approach, drawing on insights not only from my own field of political science, but also from economics, history, geography, law, sociology, and beyond. In my research, I employ a variety of tools such as econometric analysis, game theory, GIS mapping, survey experiments and the use of archival research.

Before beginning my doctoral studies, I have graduated with a BSc in Economics from Tilburg University, an MSc in International Political Economy from Nanyang Technological University and an MA in Economics from Duke University.


Department of Political Science

Duke University

140 Science Drive

Gross Hall 208

Durham, NC 27708, USA

E-mail: pawel.charasz (at)